Sunday, February 28, 2016

The End Of The Blog

After three years of sharing our cruising adventure with you I've decided that I probably won't be writing any more. (Notice the "probably" which leaves a small opening to change my mind)

Since the first of the year we've been in Ensenada, a small Mexican city just an hour's drive south of San Diego. Ensenada has it's charms, but it is my least favorite of all the places we've stayed and I just haven't been inspired to write anything.

Next week we will drive our truck north to Seattle for taxes and other chores. Hopefully we will be back on the boat in Ensenada at the end of the month in time to head north on April 1st.

Yes, we are heading north. La Volante Frances Jane is leaving Mexico. The boat needs a major refit and we've found that the best place for the work is San Francisco. It breaks my heart to leave Mexico but I do love San Francisco so we look forward to a new direction in our cruising journey.

Thanks to all who have been following along.