Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Paris, Part 2 - With Margy

About halfway through my time in Paris I was joined by my friend Margy from Cape Cod. It was her first time in Paris and it was great fun to see the city through fresh eyes. We hit some of the popular sites, exploring Montmartre and the Sacre-Coeur Basilica, the Louvre and d'Orsay Museums. But mostly we did more of what I had been doing all along, just wandering around, soaking up the atmosphere. A little shopping, a lot of time watching the world go by while we relaxed over wonderful food and wine in cozy little sidewalk cafes.

The aroma of these sausages on the grill was almost irresistible.
Unfortunately, we had just eaten and, in spite of our intentions, we never did pass back by the sausage sellers. I still dream of how good they would have tasted.
But, of course, good food abounds in Paris and we certainly did not go hungry. In addition to the typically French duck confit, escargots, croissants and French onion soup, but we also enjoyed great Italian, Indian and other cuisines as well.

Not only wonderful food but wonderful sights and surprises are around every corner in Paris. It is truly a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate. It was here that I began to regret leaving my real camera behind. I just didn't feel that the camera phone did justice to the surroundings.

This wedding party photo shoot was one of those delightful surprises. Use your imagination. Pretend that I was working with a real camera. Isn't it lovely?

The French have a reputation for rudeness that I think is entirely undeserved except when it comes to taxi drivers. Three times in my life I have had a taxi driver refuse my business while I was being perfectly polite and absolutely sober. And every one of those experiences was in Paris. Once I was with my two young daughters 20 years ago, once I was with Mike 10 years ago and then again on this trip with Margy. We had just enjoyed a delicious dinner in the Latin Quarter. Because it was dark and cold and we were tired, we decided to treat ourselves to a taxi ride back to the hotel. The driver at the head of the queue at the taxi stand wouldn't even roll down his window to ask where we wanted to go. He very emphatically waved us away and went back to whatever he was doing on his cell phone. So we walked and how lucky we felt to be walking as we watched the full moon rise over Notre Dame and then 20 minutes later we saw the twinkling lights the Eiffel Tower. If we had taken a taxi instead of walking we would have missed it all.Two days later we happened to walk past that same taxi stand and saw the same driver at the front of the queue waving away another potential customer. Curious.

And then, just before leaving Paris, the true purpose of this adventure - champagne in France on my 66th birthday. A happy evening spent with my old friend Margy and my new friend Arianna. I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate!

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