Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Los Cabos Marina - Waiting Out Hurricane Blanca

Hazard Flag over the marina in anticipation of Hurricane Blanca
Calm in the marina with raging waves on the other side of the breakwater
Crossing from Mazatlan to Baja took two days. By the time we arrived it was clear that we couldn't go any further until Hurricane Blanca passed by. We expected to be hit hard. Everyone took what precautions they could and we sat and waited in the marina at San Jose del Cabo. In the end, by the time the storm hit Baja it had been downgraded to a tropical storm but we still had to wait for the seas to settle before continuing on.

There is a nice little restaurant at the marina, called The Container because the kitchen and service areas are a remodeled shipping container. The seating is all outdoors with a gorgeous view. At the entrance to the restaurant is a chalkboard sign saying "We don't have WiFi. Talk to each other."

We hadn't planned to spend any time in San Jose del Cabo. But because of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Blanca we were forced to stay and I'm glad that we did. We enjoyed our time there and and I highly recommend it for a safe and easy Mexican vacation.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico

We are in Mazatlan hoping to leave this morning for San Jose del Cabo. The weather forecasts for our 2 day crossing all look good. Or, at least, they look good to me. Mike and the boat would be happier with heavier winds. They are, after all, a sailor and his sailboat. But me and my queasy stomach are hoping the forecasts hold for calm seas and just enough wind to keep the boat moving.

Our plan is to take the boat back to the States this summer. After almost 3 years of full time cruising, s/v La Volante Frances Jane needs some work done and it is best done in San Diego. I'm sad to be leaving Mexico, even temporarily, but San Diego is not a bad place to be spending the summer.

Before turning north last week we sailed to the south end of Banderas Bay and spent a couple days in the beautiful little village of Yelapa. There are no roads into Yelapa and therefore no cars, just a few 4-wheelers and some mules. There was a photo op at every turn.