Saturday, April 11, 2015

Blogworthy News

Sunrise over the anchorage from our cockpit
We went sailing last Wednesday! You would think, being sailors living on a sailboat in Mexico, that an afternoon sail wouldn't be big news. But lately it seems we've done everything other than sail. Besides driving my car to Seattle to do our taxes and buy a few necessities that aren't available in Mexico then flying back to Puerto Vallarta 2 weeks later, we've mostly been getting fat and lazy in one marina or the other.
Although we both would really rather be sailing, it's just all too easy to get comfortable tied to a dock enjoying resort amenities like beachfront naps and waiters who bring food and drink to your lounge chair, a choice of 3 pools, 2 hot tubs and a water slide, dinghy trips to river front restaurants, unlimited electricity (hot water!) and a mini-shopping mall with complete grocery store just a few steps away.
Paradise Village Resort & Marina beachfront

Yes, those are my feet
Fajita Republic, Nuevo Vallarta - best fajitas ever!
But now we are happy to be back on the water, enjoying morning coffee with an unobstructed sunrise view and dinner with sunset from our cockpit, dinghy rides to town, gulls circling overhead, peace, quiet, and a gentle ocean swell to rock us to sleep.