Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ahhhh.... Cruising Again

It is true that for the moment we are tied to a dock in a marina, but at least it is a different dock in a different marina and we cruised for a few days to get here. We left San Carlos, Sonora a week ago and crossed the Sea of Cortez from mainland Mexico to Baja. Our goal is Mazatlan on the mainland side but, from a cruiser's perspective, it makes more sense to cross west, sail south, and then cross east to the mainland again. It is further but easier and more fun.

Our first stop was El Refugio on the north end of Isla Carmen. It is a small cove with room for only one or two boats to anchor and we had it all to ourselves. We had motored with no wind for 25 hours to get there so the first order of business was naps. Then we set out to explore the anchorage. It was glorious with a clean, sandy beach to stretch our legs and warm water for swimming.

I felt like I was in heaven again. After a little swimming and onshore exploration we took the dinghy around the cove. There are stunning geological formations and beautiful sea caves on both sides of the cove. Several of the sea caves went deep into the cliffs and inside were layered with beautiful colors. The water was clean and clear, the bottoms were sandy and deep enough for swimming.

El Refugio is a magical place, definitely on our list of not to be missed anchorages.     

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