Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Being A Tourist In My Own Backyard

We've been back in Mexico for a few days and already there are stories to tell. But first I want to write about one of my last days in Washington. I was going crazy stuck in Mike's house near Seattle. Living out of a suitcase for 2 months, missing Mexico and our cruising life. I love to travel, to explore new places, and I was anxious to be on the move again.

A few days before we were to leave I drove to Edmonds to catch the ferry to Kingston where I would have lunch with my oldest daughter, Julie, my lovely grand-daughters, Maria and Kayla and my 1 month old grand-son, Joey.

Although I was looking forward to the visit with them, I wasn't looking forward to the 45 minute drive and half hour ferry ride in each direction.
But on the ride over I got a phone call from my dear Cape Cod friend, Margy. When she heard where I was she remarked at how lucky I was and talked of a movie she had seen where there were scenes of a Washington State ferry ride. "It must be beautiful", she said.
And I realized that yes, it was beautiful, and I was lucky to be there. Although it was a common occurrence for me, the ferry ride was a travel adventure for the tourists on board. I saw several on the boat, laughing, pointing out the sights to each other, taking pictures from every possible vantage point.

So I joined in. I went up on the Sun Deck and took pictures of seagulls.

I photographed sailboats in the distance, the passenger walkway at the terminal, the seating inside. I read all of the informational signboards and picked up some brochures. I even had a snack in the galley.

A trip that I've taken dozens of times in resigned boredom became a grand travel adventure and a lot of fun.
Thank you Margy and the Washington State Ferry System.

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