Sunday, August 3, 2014

Nacapule Canyon, Sonora

Just outside of San Carlos, near Guaymas, is Nacapule Canyon. Surrounded by Sonoran Desert, this beautiful oasis offers an easy hike filled with blooming wildflowers, abundant wildlife and gorgeous rock formations.

We started our hike at 6am in order to avoid the hottest part of the day. But with the overnight low temperature at 82 degrees and the humidity above 70%, even this green and mostly shaded canyon was brutally hot and physically draining.

Another cruiser went with us and I encouraged the 2 men to go on ahead of me. I knew they would hike faster and farther and I wanted time to take photos and stop to enjoy the nature around me. It worked out perfectly as, without pre-planning, they came off their path just a few minutes behind me. We spent about 3 hours hiking and were back on board the boat, soundly napping, by 10am.

This climb led to the platform for a zip line (not operating when we were there). It was a perfect place to get a few good photos of the surrounding countryside and the trail leading into the canyon.

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