Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Life In San Carlos

View from the rooftop palapa of our San Carlos house sit

In July when we were still in Baja and our water maker stopped working we weren't sure what our next move would be. We knew that we couldn't go any farther north in the Sea of Cortez without a dependable water supply. We discussed the possibility of renting a car and driving 2 days to San Diego for parts but we didn't even know what was wrong with it yet. So we paid for a week in the Santa Rosalia Marina while we figured things out.
Looking in another direction

 On our second day there we got an email from friends in San Carlos asking us if we would be interested in house/dog sitting for them in August. And so the decision was made to cross over from Baja to the mainland just as we did last year. Once again we have not explored the Sea as much as we would like but this is a great experience and you just have to be flexible when you are cruising. This was truly a case of one door closing and another opening.

For the past 2 and a half weeks we have been living in a real house like normal people.

We just got back from taking the dogs for their nightly walk through the neighborhood, our last before we return to the boat tomorrow.
Below are some photos of houses in the neighborhood. I wanted to show some of the decorative ironwork that adorns so many of the houses down here. I wish that I were an artist. I would love to sketch some of these gates and fences and the beautiful landscaping.

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