Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Still Not Surprised

This is where we were yesterday

And this is what I was doing

This is where we are today

And this is what I am doing

We left La Paz on Saturday afternoon and went as far as Puerto Balandra, a beautiful little bay just 12 miles north of La Paz. We had spent 5 nights in Puerto Balandra after crossing from Mazatlan so this time we just anchored overnight and then continued north another 18 miles to anchor in Ensenada Grande on the western side of Isla Partida.
Last year we followed the same route from La Paz but when we were ready to leave Ensenada Grande for points north we developed alternator problems and had to turn back for repairs. So, I was resigned rather than surprised when we got to Ensenada Grande on Sunday and Mike said we'd be heading back to La Paz. This time to repair a leak in the engine cooling system. We are waiting now for word from a local mechanic who might have the necessary part. If not, we may be here for awhile waiting for the part to be shipped from the States.

The barbequed ribs at La Molina Restaurant - Best Ever!! - compensation for returning to La Paz

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  1. At least La Paz is a lovely and delicious place to be "stuck". Hope they have the part so you can soon be on your way to those amazing bays and lagoons! Cheers Shayne