Saturday, June 21, 2014

Leaving Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is tucked behind and inside those hills on the right
There was a chance that Mike's daughter could join us in Mexico on her way back from vacation in China and Thailand. To make it work on our end we needed to be somewhere that we could rent a car so we came to Escondido near the town of Loreto. It turns out that a last minute itinerary change when flying out of China is not easily accomplished or, in this case, even possible. But, with a week prepaid in the marina, we rented a car anyway and made a couple of day trips to explore the surrounding area.

We spent one day driving north up the coast to the town of Mulege. It is on the Sea but lacking a safe anchorage so not a place we could explore by boat. Photo ops were endless and I wish we had been able to spend more time there, but we try never to drive at night in Mexico. The road leading into Mulege from the south, especially, is not conducive to night time travel as it twists and turns along the cliffs over Bahia Concepcion.
The Santa Rosalia River flows through Mulege creating a green oasis of towering palm trees, flowering plants and bushes. I've read that the Santa Rosalia is spring fed and technically not a river at all. It certainly looks like a river as it makes it way through town to the Sea.
Every day in Baja I wish that I knew more about geology (or is it geography? probably both). The more I travel the more I realize how little I know about the world. I'm filled with questions of what and how and why.
On another day we drove over the Sierra de la Giganta mountains and across Baja to Puerto San Carlos on Magdalena Bay. Driving across Baja through large agricultural areas was an interesting contrast to the life we see in the fishing villages of the Sea of Cortez. I bought a watermelon from the back of a farmer's truck that was parked by the roadside. That's something I am enjoying to the fullest in Mexico, melons, especially cantaloupe, that have ripened on the vine and then been picked for sale at the peak of sweet, juicy perfection. I do have to say, however, that I really miss Washington State cherries this time of year.
We leave here today and continue our journey north. We have several stops planned along the way, places we visited last year and want to see again and several spots that we are looking forward to seeing for the first time. We are hoping to arrive in Bahia Concepcion in time for the large annual Fourth of July cruisers' gathering. After that...   ?
One of the many religious shrines tucked into the hillsides of Mexico -  I found this one especially beautiful

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