Saturday, May 3, 2014


We returned to Mexico from the States two weeks ago and for some reason it has been really hard for me to get back to the blog - largely due to the fact that I still have not made friends with my new computer. I'm just not loving Windows 8. So, excuse my rambling as I try to catch up and get back into the routine of writing at the same time as I try to get comfortable with this unfriendly operating system.

Our stay in Seattle was more than twice as long as we had planned. Mike was there to oversee the repairs that were necessary after two separate wind storms dropped 5 large old hemlock trees on his house. I was there to do taxes and visit with friends and family. Three weeks should have been long enough but things never seem to go as planned and we've learned never to book round-trip flights.

One Sunday afternoon when Mike had gone skiing and I was just relaxing at the house, his daughter called from the hospital emergency room. Mike had fallen on the slopes and suffered a serious concussion as well as a badly sprained neck. Neither she nor their skiing companions actually saw the fall and we will probably never know what happened because Mike has no memory of about 3 hours before, after, and during the accident. A few follow-up visits to various doctors were necessary before he finally got a clean bill of health and clearance to travel.

Although we are both anxious to cross back over to Baja and spend another summer exploring the Sea of Cortez, we have decided to stay in Mazatlan until a few major projects are completed. It's impossible to get these things done in an isolated anchorage with no access to shops and services.

We got back to Mazatlan just in time for Bike Week. Thousands and thousands of motorcycles come from all over North, South, and Central America for the event. Even though neither of us is into the biking culture it was fun to take the bus into town to watch the parade and be a part of the energy and excitement.

Motorcycle Week in Mazatlan
Having lunch while we wait for the parade to start.
Mike checking out the bikes parked in front of the restaurant.
From our restaurant window seat we watch the crowd's excitement as the roar of thousands of motorcycles grows louder.
Mike has been diligent about keeping the project work moving forward but all work and no play makes Mike a tired boy so we've gone into Mazatlan a few times to wander the streets and relax. The photos accompanying this posting are somewhat random but all have been taken in these past two weeks.

Mazatlan is one of our favorite places and, although we haven't left yet, we are already looking forward to our return in November.

I apologize that there is no photo of the actual dive. I wanted to experience it in real time rather than watch it through the view finder of my camera.

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