Friday, May 30, 2014

La Paz Again - I'm Not Surprised

Entrance to La Perla Restaurant, La Paz, home of the best-ever chilaquiles con pollo

We spent many hours in Mazatlan discussing our plans for the summer. We both agree that our first year of cruising has been spent too much in marinas and not enough actually cruising. The marinas are just so tempting with conveniences like restaurants and internet access, salsa dance classes, potluck parties, and real bathrooms with real showers. Once you get in, it's hard to leave.

So, our plan was to avoid marinas and cities for the summer. Once we reached Baja from Mazatlan we most definitely were going to head north to spend as much time as possible on anchor, thoroughly exploring the islands, bays, and fishing villages far away from cities and resort developments.

It is often said that cruisers' plans are written in the sand at low tide and, there's a reason for that. Most of us don't even talk about "plans". We say things like: "we were thinking about maybe going..." or "we've talked about possibly heading towards...". There are just too many variables to think that plans won't change.

So, I'm not surprised to find us tied up to a dock in Marina Cortez in La Paz. Mike felt that the boat needed a few minor repairs and spare parts so we agreed to deviate from our planned course for a few days. 

I'm also not disappointed to spend a few days here. Once the decision had been made I knew what my first order of business would be, a trip to the tamale stand outside the Aramburo Grocery Store in Centro.

Costing about $1.25 (American) each, these are the best ever. They always have at least 4 varieties and it's always hard for me to choose - chicken, pork, beef, rajas with cheese, pineapple? Yes, pineapple tamales, so sweet that it is impossible for me to eat a whole one.

The Shack menu - best burgers anywhere!

Interior of The Shack

We have so many favorite restaurants here that it is hard to decide where to eat. On the recommendation of friends we decided to try some place new.

The Shack, a burger restaurant and popular cruisers' hangout on the La Paz waterfront did not disappoint.

Hopefully we leave on Saturday and our summer of cruising the Sea of Cortez will finally begin.

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