Sunday, May 4, 2014

Carpa Olivera, Playa Olas Altas, Mazatlan

                How Cool Is This?

Mike and I were walking along the Malecon at low tide in the Olas Altas (High Waves) area of Mazatlan when we saw what looked like a building foundation in the water. We decided that there may have been a restaurant there at one time, probably destroyed by a hurricane.

Later we walked past at high tide and saw that it is, in fact, a public swimming area with the walls of the foundation breaking the high waves and protecting swimmers from the nearby rocks.

For some reason I was fascinated by the structure and did a little research. Named Carpa Olivera it was originally built in 1914, a salt water swimming pool under a restaurant and bar complex. In 1957 a huge hurricane hit Mazatlan, all but destroying the building and forcing the closure of the restaurant and bar.

Another hurricane blew away what was left of the structures in 1975 but the swimming pool remained. In the early 2000's the city of Mazatlan created a mini-park at the site and it continues to be a popular destination for Mazatlan families 100 years after its creation.

The city has announced plans to renovate the pool beginning this month. Renovations are supposed to be completed in time for the winter tourist season. I look forward to swimming there when we return in November.

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