Sunday, March 16, 2014

Burning the Candle in Mazatlan

It felt a little strange to wake up in Mazatlan in the same slip in the same marina between the same two neighbors that we had left eight weeks earlier. We hated leaving La Cruz but, at the same time, it was fun to be back in our old neighborhood, reconnecting with old friends who were still there and hearing the news of others who had moved on. And, as always, there were interesting and fun new people to meet as well.
We had returned to Mazatlan for a couple of good reasons. One was our trip back to the States. Mazatlan Marina doesn't have the same strong surges that we had experienced in La Cruz so it seemed like a better place to leave the boat alone for three weeks. A second good reason is that we plan to return to Baja when we get back to Mexico and Mazatlan is our preferred departure point from the mainland. The third reason was our desire to enjoy Carnival in Mazatlan.
With only a week before our scheduled flight to Seattle, and a lot that we wanted to accomplish, we were prepared for a hectic few days.

Mike has a project list as long as his arm and there was a lot of prep work to be done and measurements to be taken so that he could buy the necessary materials and get some of the work done in Seattle. My tasks were easier, cleaning and preparing the boat for our absence and packing my suitcase.

Wednesday night live music and dancing at "Gus Gus", a restaurant at the head of our dock, is a tradition that we never miss plus there were all of the Carnival activities that we wanted to see. We were definitely burning the cande at both ends and ran out of steam before the week was over.

If we are in Mazatlan for Carnival next year we plan to reserve a balcony room in one of the many hotels overlooking the parade route along the waterfront. The most daunting issue for us was transportation. Taking a bus from the marina to Mazatlan itself is cheap, fast, and easy. Getting home again was another story. The best activities don't even begin until after the buses have stopped running.

With hundreds of thousands of people competing for taxi transport home, there were some cruisers who walked 8 miles in the middle of the night all the way back to the marina without catching a ride. We weren't that unlucky, walking probably 3 miles after the fireworks before finding an available cab and leaving the parade early to avoid the hordes.
Sometimes being on semi-permanent vacation is exhausting.

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