Saturday, February 22, 2014


My beautiful cousin, Frances, and her charming husband, Mike, are avid and experienced sailors who have been involved in our cruising adventure from the beginning. They were our crew from Seattle to San Francisco and I can't imagine how it would have happened without them.
Last week they were finally able to join us again, here in Mexico, and we spent an absolutely wonderful 7 days together.

We expected to spend their time here mostly on or in the water, but as soon as we got on the bus from the airport, Frances turned to me and said "Can we go to Guadalajara?" I have wanted to go to Guadalajara ever since we were in Mazatlan. Until now we were never able to work it into our schedule. I was especially excited at the idea of exploring inland with three of my very favorite people.

Agave waiting to be cooked

We rented a car and drove first to Tequila where we took a tequila factory tour and explored the town center.

Fermentation vats
Blue Agave field
In Guadalajara we visited historic buildings, toured a history museum, and walked for miles, taking photos and soaking up the atmosphere of a large, modern Mexican city.

On the third morning we went to the shopping Mecca of Tonala. It was market day and the quantity of goods offered was overwhelming. I bought a lovely pewter serving dish for about $5 (American) and a colorful hand blown, hand painted glass pitcher with 4 matching glasses for $12. Next time I'll go with a list and a plan

Yesterday we finally got out on the water for a glorious sail. The sailing in Banderas Bay is perfection in the afternoons with winds around the high teens and gentle seas. There is the added, very special bonus of whales that live in the Bay and we were thrilled to watch one of them breach several times not too far from us.
The week was much too short and their departure this morning left a big hole. Frances, I love you to the moon and back. Can't wait for our next great adventure!


  1. Dear Mike and Janet, we miss you terribly already. Let's start planning the next rendezvous! Mike and Frances

  2. Our bags are already packed! You just let us know when and where.