Thursday, February 6, 2014

Back On The Blog Again

20.44.908N; 105.22.841W

For too long now I have avoided posting on my blog. I have a basketful of excuses: no computer, new computer with malfunctioning keyboard, unfamiliar Windows 8 operating system, inconsistent internet access, strep throat and Montezuma's Revenge.

But my blogging resistance has lingered longer than most of my excuses and last night I realized what the true problem is. I was trying to catch up; trying to go all the way back to December and fill in the gaps. It was overwhelming to think about and not particularly inspiring to write about.

So --  We were in Mazatlan. Now we are in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. And this is what I did yesterday:

Sayulita is about 10 miles up the coast from our marina here in La Cruz. It is a vibrant but laid-back village well known by surfers, shoppers, and retirees from the northern countries. Aging hippies and well-heeled expats mingle with enterprising young local artists and vacationing surfers. The community is cheerful and happy, colorful and energetic but relaxing and peaceful at the same time.

My friend Margaret is visiting from Cape Cod and together we took a taxi to this little village we had been hearing about. The taxi was a bit of a splurge but the bus route involves back tracking for several miles and changing buses before heading in the right direction. It was the right decision as our taxi driver, Eduardo, was a charming and informative guide. He spoke some English and I'm getting better with Spanish so we were able to ask questions and understand the answers.

Eduardo heard that I enjoy visiting cemeteries and said that the one in Sayulita is particularly beautiful. So he drove us there before going in to the town. It was an amazing place, built up and down steep hills overlooking Playa de los Muertos (Beach of the Dead). In Mexico the family of the deceased are allowed to build whatever sort of memorial is meaningful to them and the departed. There is a great sense of honoring the dead in this country that I really appreciate, admire, and envy.

After our cemetery tour we spent a delightful afternoon wandering the streets, exploring the shops, eating lunch on the beach, and beach-combing.  Meanwhile the captain stayed with the ship, cleaning the decks and planning the new spinnaker system. It was a good day for all.


  1. Hi Janet - Dad had a saying when he traveled, that he liked to "feel the people" and certainly you are doing that with your travels, getting to know the people, where and how they live -- and sharing it with the rest of us. Thank you!!!! Hugs and Happy Trails!

    1. Thanks, Shayne, for the image of your Dad. I can just see him out and about, mingling and sharing his warm personality with others wherever he went. He was one of the good ones.