Friday, January 3, 2014

To anybody who is still faithfully following this blog I offer my most sincere apologies for the long absence. After more than a month without any computer I was thrilled when Mike returned from Seattle with my new HP. Sadly it has some problems which are not easily resolved in Mexico. The m key doesn't work and an unidentifiable glitch prevents connection to the internet most of the time. Add to that the miserable Windows 8 operating system and I can't do much more with the new machine than turn it on and off. This short post is being written on a borrowed computer so I can't include any photos.

We leave Mazatlan tomorrow for La Cruz de Huanacaxtle (near Puerto Vallarta). The plan is to stop along the way at Isla Isabel, San Blas and Chacala arriving at our destination on or about January 10. We expect to be in the Puerto Vallarta area for at least 6 weeks. We are very excited that we will have visitors from the States, our first since arriving in Mexico last April. First my BFF from Cape Cod is coming and we hope to do some inland exploration. Then my cousin with her husband will visit from Iowa. They were our crew on the first leg of this adventure so it will be a bit of a reunion and I expect we will do some sailing while they are with us.

Once settled in our new marina I hope to be able to resolve all of my computer woes and get back to a normal blogging routine. I'm still anxious to post the photos of our trip to the Copper Canyon two months ago. Until then I wish all a very Happy New Year.

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