Friday, July 19, 2013

The Best of Times; the Worst of Times

On July 12th we sailed into Caleta San Juanico, my favorite anchorage so far in spite of all that went wrong there. It is a gorgeous setting with pinnacles of rocks jutting out of the water, several beaches to explore, hiking trails, sea shell collecting, rock hunting, beautiful water for swimming and snorkeling. It was not calm, though, while we were there, and I fought sea sickness for the entire stay. Our alternator failed again and we will have to manage without it until a replacement can be purchased. Worst of all, though, was on the second day when we took the dinghy to explore ashore. Mike had been to the same beach the evening before with no problems, but this trip turned out to be very different. As we got close to shore we saw the crashing surf but not in time to change our course. Just as we decided to turn away, a wave caught the dinghy and threw me overboard.  I was in only a few of water but I couldn’t get my footing and the waves tumbled me over the rocks to shore at the same time as they pushed the dinghy onto the beach.  I could never describe the battle to get back off the beach and through the surf. Only if you have done it yourself could you understand the experience. Long story short, the dinghy was flipped, throwing me into the water once again. As the dinghy with its motor, gas can and battery flew into the air and landed upside down, I dove to the side and was rolled to the beach one more time. Eventually, with Mike rowing like a mad man, we made it off the beach, through the surf and into safe waters. Lucky for us, the only other couple in the anchorage had chosen that time to go exploring in their dinghy and towed us back to our boat where Mike cleaned salt water out of the outboard motor and I nursed my multiple scrapes and bruises. It was quite an adventure!
Mike, Becky and Kelly in front of the so-called Cruisers Shrine, a tree hung with artistic bits of flotsam and decorated with names of boats and crew who have visited this beautiful cove over the years.

But, through it, we met Kelly and Becky who were not only our rescuers on that day, but later our tour guides to the area. They took us hunting for Apache tears (nuggets of obsidian), hiking the trails, and swimming in a beautiful, calm cove behind the hills.­­ They also invited us for a dinner of freshly caught dorado and we spent several pleasant hours visiting with them during our 4 days in San Juanico Cove.

The road to peaceful Ramada Cove
Kelly and Mike on a viewpoint over Caleta San Junaico

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  1. Janet,

    We enjoyed our time with you and Mike in San Juanico. What nice words you have shared on here. Hopefully our paths will cross again.

    Becky & Kelly
    sv Escape