Friday, July 19, 2013

Beautiful Ballandra

Aside from the bees, Ballandra was the anchorage of my cruising fantasies. We had the entire cove to ourselves, swimming off the boat during the day, then, as evening approached, watching glorious sunsets followed by the twinkling lights of Loreto in the distance. 

The phosphorescence was dramatic with hundreds of fish surrounding the boat and stirring up the waters throughout the night. 

Then, in the early morning hours, coffee in the cockpit as the sun rose pink and gold behind the hills. We left reluctantly in order to spend a day doing errands in Loreto before heading north.

Loreto is a lovely town; friendly and somewhat tourist oriented but easy and laid back.

Like most stops along the way, I could have spent a lot more time there exploring the history, enjoying the waterfront, admiring the architecture, and visiting with the people. But, Loreto offers only unprotected roadstead anchorage so it was not a place we were comfortable staying overnight. 

We went ashore early in the morning, did our chores, posted to the blog, had lunch, and then moved on to Candeleros in the late afternoon.  Candeleros seems to be a favorite stop of many cruisers but I wasn’t crazy about it. We left early the next morning without exploring ashore and without even taking a photo. It is the first anchorage of our trip that I don’t have a picture of.

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