Saturday, May 18, 2013

Catching Up With Myself

My last post was written in Cabo San Lucas but only caught us up as far as Turtle Bay. Now we are in La Paz so I’ll do a quick catch up with some photos taken along the way. 

 Entering Magdalena Bay we saw these little shrimp everywhere in the water. There were thousands upon thousands of them swimming or floating everywhere we looked.There were also hundreds of thousands dead on the beach. The pink stripe on  the beach in the photo - dead and rotting shrimp. We have no idea why and I suppose we will never know. The smell was truly awful!

Magdalena Bay is gorgeous and it would be possible to spend weeks there without experiencing it all, but we needed to keep moving. We set our anchor at
9am, took a nap, went ashore to stretch our legs, took another nap and left at midnight of the same day we had arrived.

It took us 38 hours to reach Cabo San Lucas. There is simply no place to stop between Magdalena Bay and Cabo. I loved watching the water temperature rise as we moved south. I couldn't wait to go swimming. Most of the trip was calm with light winds and seas and we had the motor running much of the time. Pacific Baja was so isolated with no towns or villages, not even much marine traffic and some days the most wildlife we saw was a bird or two.

Hour after hour, day after day, this was our view.

Then we rounded the Cape and entered a whole different world. A world of parasails, jet skis, cruise ships, water taxis, fishing charters...

            ...and party boats. Lots of party boats.

...and restaurants. Lots of restaurants.

 It was time for us to become tourists once again!

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