Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nikon Coolpix AW110 - A Cruiser's Camera

I finally bought a new camera! Some of you already know the sad story. My old camera was inside its case, inside a fabric pouch, under the dodger when we attempted to sail from Santa Barbara to the Channel Islands. Nevertheless, salt water found its way into the battery compartment and “Old Faithful” could not be revived. 
It was a cheap Nikon point and shoot - no bells, no whistles, but I’ve taken a lot of pictures with it over the years and finding a replacement has been difficult. Anticipating the explorations and adventures ahead of us, choosing just the right camera seemed of momentous importance. The more online research I did, the more confused I became. In the meantime I was using Mike’s camera most unsuccessfully. The touch screen was awkward for me and I missed a lot of pictures trying to figure it out. I also took a few dozen photos with a thumb or finger hanging over the lens. So, I had a pretty clear idea of what I didn’t want, but only vague ideas about what I did want.
Mike wisely suggested that my new camera should be waterproof; not just to keep the water out, but to keep out sand as well. I didn’t think my budget could stretch that far but I found there is a whole range of rugged, waterproof cameras available. With guidance from a local camera store I put myself on the list for a Nikon Coolpix AW110. It hadn’t been released yet so there were no user reviews online, but I was tired of shopping and ordered it with fingers crossed.

Oh Happy Day! This camera is a dream! Not only waterproof and rugged, but also lightweight, easy to operate and takes great photos. It doesn’t have much zoom but I knew that I couldn’t have everything and the stabilization is amazing.

I put it to the test the other day when we took a 4-hour dinghy ride to explore San Diego Bay. Taking pictures from the dinghy is a challenge because it is always moving. Even at a dead stop the lightweight dinghy bounces on the smallest waves. Of 97 photos, only 3 were blurred and that could probably be attributed to operator error.
With my new Nikon toy I'm becoming a photo-taking fanatic. 
Next post - Around Shelter Island (with lots of photos!).


  1. Your pictures look terrific! Still in San Diego?

    1. Dear Anonymous, aka Shayne -
      Yes, still in San Diego but our depart date is in sight! I don't want to say it out loud, though, I might jinx it.

  2. Anonymous doesn't work well when I'm asking you a question, does it! I'm "blog" challenged! Cheers Shayne

  3. Yay - so glad you're up & running again can't wait to see everything (and candy-apple red is a nice color on You!)

  4. You are such a sweetie, you know that I like red! But, in this case, the salesman pointed out that black would not be a good choice if I dropped in underwater. Red will stand out better. Of course I have no intentions of dropping it anywhere. I'm holding tight to this one.