Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Second Look at Old Town

Everyone said: “You are going to love San Diego!” But I just wasn’t feeling it. For me it has been a difficult city to get to know. Maybe it’s because I quickly developed a little comfort zone out here on Shelter Island. Our marina is in a beautiful location and has a gorgeous pool with a large hot tub. There are several really good restaurants within walking distance and, just two blocks away, a nightclub with live music every night of the week. We went there a few nights ago and had a great time dancing zydeco for hours. So, in spite of having transit passes that will take us anywhere throughout the Greater San Diego area, all we really need is right here on Shelter Island and we’ve been staying pretty close to the boat.

Fortunately we had guests from home last weekend and we ventured out to explore the city with them. Mike and I had been to Old Town before. Old Town is a State Historical Park and on my first visit I was disappointed that it is much more commercial than historical. I probably wouldn’t have gone back, but, we were nearby with our guests and thought we should at least show them this well-known tourist spot. It was a bright and sunny Sunday so lots of people were out and about making for a very festive atmosphere.  It was pure energy created by vibrant colors, live music, enticing smells, sunshine, gorgeous gardens, interesting architecture, and happy people.  There is much more to Old Town than I had thought. I’m looking forward to a return visit and excited to continue exploring San Diego.

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  1. Wonderful picture Pretty Lady, thank You for sharing it - now if You could only please pass me that straw...