Friday, February 22, 2013

The Santa Barbara Courthouse

 Every day I hear tourists asking for directions to the Courthouse. Sometimes they even ask me and, although I could guide people in the general direction or point it out quickly on a map, I hadn’t been to see it for myself. I didn’t feel compelled to visit it. How interesting can a courthouse be? But 2 days ago I was on an errand that took me nearby and I decided to go see what all the fuss is about.


Wow! They say that the Santa Barbara Courthouse is the most beautiful government building in the United States. I don’t know who “they” are, but I definitely have to agree with them. From the moment I stepped through the open doorway I was entranced. It is a spectacular combination of art and architecture that is especially surprising when you realize that this is a working courthouse where the business of government is being conducted. 

There are 110 steps up the tower to a viewing platform with a 360 degree view of the city from mountains to ocean. There is also an elevator if you prefer not to walk.
This is a working courtroom with a sign that welcomes visitors even when court is in session or a wedding is taking place. Photography is permitted throughout the building and grounds provided you don’t use a flash and don’t photograph a courtroom in session.

The new pump and parts were delivered yesterday. If all goes according to plan, we leave here tomorrow. Yes, I am looking forward to Mexico, but Santa Barbara is another California city I will be very sad to leave.


  1. Well, I assume that by now you are on your way to Mexico. I so wish I could be with you to enjoy Mexico. I LOVE Mexico for the food, people, margaritas, cigars, beaches, diving, and the amazing little kids out there pushing their wares. Watch for their parents in the background, encouraging them on - they know how to work it! You will have to learn how to say no. Enjoy the fresh squeezed orange juice from the carts in the streets, and please have a margarita for me. I am so flipping envious right now! Phillip is looking for someplace warm to go for a few days vacation. Let me know if you think Mike wouldn't mind sharing you for a few days! :)

    1. Give Phillip my phone number. There's always a place for him with me. He just needs to figure out how to catch up with me! Janet

  2. So exciting to have the addition of photos to the blog - especially to see your lovely self, You look

    Pondering the thought that most likely I will never see a fraction of the places You are going and how wonderful it is and how lucky we are, that you're taking us along!

    Hungering for more...XO!!!

  3. Oh, Deb, you know that Phil is as welcome as you are. Send him down or, better yet, bring him down. Either way I'll make sure he has a good time!

  4. Margy my dear, thank you for your friendship and encouragement. I miss the heck out of you!