Thursday, February 14, 2013

Just another day in paradise

In keeping with our name, “Cruising at a Snail’s Pace,” we have now cruised to a dead stop.

We motored out of Morro Bay in light winds and gentle seas expecting a comfortable trip of 24 hours or so to Santa Barbara. I had just come off watch at 6pm and was napping in the main cabin when Mike’s shouts woke me to a cabin full of steam and the smell of antifreeze. Our water pump had broken and the engine overheated. Fortunately, the afternoon winds had built enough that we were able to put up our sails and continue on.  But, by 3 am, as we entered the Santa Barbara Channel, the winds had died and by 3:30 we were drifting away from our destination. Mike (my own personal Mr. MacGyver) rigged up hoses from the water maker pump to provide cooling for the engine and we motored into Santa Barbara Harbor slowly but safely 9 hours later.
We will be here at least 7 days, probably longer, as we await parts from Florida and England; a much longer stay than we had planned. But there are lots of great restaurants, plenty of sunshine, sandy beaches, and friendly people. I have already located the Danish bakery, a great used book store, the town’s three thrift stores and an organic foods market. Mike has scoped out both of the West Marine stores and made friends with the man who sells marine electronics here in the harbor.  So far it’s not a bad place to be stranded.


  1. I love how You and Mike take the mechanical issues in stride and view setbacks as opportunities...reminds me of Jack Johnson's "Breakdown"

  2. Damn!! That girl can WRITE!!! Maybe a future in travel guide writing? I am being totally serious!!